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Hello Everyone,

Chris Spohr checking in...

I'm a long time RC'er but new to Wattflyer. I figured it was time o stop reading and start posting...

To the FMA team:

Thank you Tim, Jamie and Kelly at FMA for selecting me as a beta tester. And a big shout out goes to my fellow beta testers. I'm honored to be associated with such a fine group.

To soon-to-be BUMP controller owners:

Tim mentioned that the beta team consists of carefully-selected and qualified candidates but he didn't tell you this... all of the beta testers made a long term commitment to testing. That means we're not disappearing once the product launches. We'll still be working in the background testing the new features and functionality before they are released to you.

And now a few words about the BUMP Controller:

"Revolutionary" "Industry-changing" and "Wow" are the words that first came out of my mouth when I received my beta unit. Those words were followed by one the biggest smiles you will ever see. Quite simply, the BUMP controller is an amazing advancement in battery management. It is a game changer in my opinion.

When I bought my first PowerLab charger a few years ago, it was a huge leap forward for my personal charging needs. I didn't think I would need or desire anything more given the PowerLab feature set and capabilities (charge control software, presets, high charge rates and best balance circuit). The PowerLab charger was a game changer in terms of my personal charging needs. Life was good - very good. How could it possibly get better?

I am sure you already know the answer and you're correct... along comes the BUMP controller and BUMP tags.

BUMP controller + PowerLab Charger = Battery Management Bliss

If you have a Revo battery with a factory installed BUMP tag, simply BUMP the battery on the BUMP controller and the charge settings are done in about 2 seconds. Connect the battery to the charger and hit start on the BUMP controller. It's that fast and easy.

But what about the 50+ batteries I already own that do not have BUMP tags? Well the solution to that is nearly as fast and easy. Peel off a new BUMP tag and stick it on your battery. Then BUMP the battery on the BUMP controller and enter the batteries charge parameters. When prompted, BUMP the battery again to save the settings to the BUMP tag on that battery. Got more of the same battery? No need to re-enter the settings, just keep BUMPing new batteries until all of them are programmed. It only takes a few seconds per additional battery.

What about the user interface - is it easy to use?

In a single word, yes. That's the whole premise of the BUMP controller - to make battery management simple and easy. The BUMP controller has a very intuitive touch screen for setting up/displaying battery data and charger operations. When I received my beta unit, it was easy for me to just start using it by following the screen prompts and visual clues. There was no instruction sheet with the unit nor was one needed. My initial exposure to it left a very good first impression of usability. But was it good enough for prime time?

Not for this group of beta testers. They have turned Gold into Platinum. You can reasonably expect that same level of testing and tweaking from the beta team as the BUMP controller's road map features are rolled out.

That's all I've got say for the moment, so what say you?

Let the conversation begin...


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