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Originally Posted by thepiper92 View Post
Wider blades would cause more stress, but a lower HS is the idea here...plus any motor that isn't the one currently being used will likely not heat up. There is an issue with a little extra kv in helis vs planes, as you can't simply just lower throttle, unless you have active freewheeling in an esc, done by current passing through fets, rather than passive with capacitors that heat up substantially during freewheeling (you're esc will heat up, not the motor). If you buy an active freewheeling esc...well then you are free to put essentially any kv motor and you can lower the throttle to 50%. It depends which costs more in the end I feel.
I care not to debate the "freewheeling" (whatever that means) aspects of the ESC......not really the focus of this discussion.

It's common knowledge amongst" experienced" heli guys that higher head speeds and proper pitch curves are more efficient and provide better overall control of the craft (keeping the tail trimmed) than slower head speeds.........it's a really a common misconception with inexperienced pilots, until they actually spend some time around properly set-up machines and actually fly one that has been properly adjusted with the proper gearing and motor/esc combination........It's certainly a bit of a trial and error process.......but the Trexx 500e has been around so long now, that there is no need to re-invent the wheel. There are hundreds of threads posted by hundreds of "experienced" heli pilots all over the forums that will confirm what I have just recommended.......
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