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Originally Posted by Flysohigh View Post
How low on the kv can i safely go to compensate for the extra fuselage weight and battery weight load? I need to buy a motor today
Depends on what you intend to do with the Trex...........if scale flying is all you "ever" intend to do, 1000Kv and 5s lipo 2200mAh will work.

The Scorpion suggested previously will run just fine on a 5s, 2200mAh as well, and give you more flexibility later for advanced flying (and probably last longer also). Just like with planks, it's always better to have a little more KV rather than a baseline min........running a 1300Kv motor at lower head speeds and tamer curves will not be a problem.......just not as efficient as higher rev's the higher Kv motors thrive at.

No matter what you switch to, adjusting both the throttle and pitch curves will be required after a new motor install.....I also recommend the 13t pinion, which will also require curve adjustments........it will give you more head speed without putting more strain on the motor and ESC.

Another recommendation, most of us "experienced" guys seldom switch out motors without also replacing the ESC. It takes the possible problems with an older ESC, out of the equation....regardless if you go with a newer Align or Scorpion motor. 75amp is suggested.

As far as "wider" blades go.......stock size works just fine. Wider will put more stress on the power consumption due to the greater air surface they will be pushing......not really a logical recommendation, especially if the intent is to keep the motor and ESC temps down.............it's like the same principal as having the pitch curves set to high, which cause more drag on the prop surface......ya, you'll get more sustained lift, but put the motor under more stress.........increased head speed with proper pitch curves is still the best option for motor efficientcy and longer power distribution............you'll just have to step-up your thumb response and get over the fear of a higher rev'ing motor.........It's all part of the learning curve.


It's also a fact that prolonged hovering actually expends more energy and power consumption than just flying around scale. And will heat up any motor more than actual flying does...........!
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