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1000kv would bring down the HS. May need to play around with pitch curves. The result will be slower cyclic and rudder control. 1900-2000 HS would be doable. Of course this is if you want to stick with only scale flight. Any 3d would be difficult, but a nice docile flier is the result. Longer flights is achievable, due to lower HS and better blade efficiency where one blade isn't slapping into the air of the retreating blade. Wider blades, asymmetrical, would help too. Essentially the goal is to make a "trainer plane" heli, with lots of lift without the need for speed. The blades are literally wings, just instead of a prop and forward motion pushing air over the surface of the wings, the wings themselves rotate to create lift. This means you are best off with a large "wing" with good lift properties. Look around at what blades you can get too. The blades now should be okay, but I honestly can't say how she will fly without having the heli in my hands, and testing it. It's all about experimentation.
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