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Originally Posted by Ohm View Post
Thanks for the math, to bad I don't understand it. I got the amps times volt thingy down after that I get confused with all the different symbols different folks use to describe the functions. In the sixty's we had a few old fashion symbols which don't exist on computer key boards. Maybe one of these days I'll take the time to learn what all that means. I think it is really neat to be able to calculate the future. I'm just so ingrained in the monkey see monkey do procedure and having success at it that it makes learning why it works hard to find the time. (translation, means I'm lazy)
For those who have worked with three phase power, these terms are readily understood.

But, for our use, that Wye and Delta configuration has been decided by the motor mfg when the motor was built. It could be changed afterward, but doing so would be dealing with real short motor magnet wires, and the problems associated with reconnecting them in the different configuration.

I did some of that Wye Delta stuff with those www.gobrushless.com motors I wound up some 10 years ago. (Still have those motors)
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