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Originally Posted by vimy View Post
I haven't heard of that phenomena, what happens in "sim-syndrome" that causes complacency?

Is it because in the back of your mind, you are not losing anything as it were when you crash a plane and because of that, you tend to get slack with your flying technique?

How do you recognise sim-syndrome creeping in and keep your flying disciplined when using the simulator?

Thanks for mentioning it.
You pretty much nailed it....
The r/c simulator is all about easy stick time, with no consequences. Great for teaching control reflexes, which only practice can improve.
The sim provides an array of popular models - all perfectly setup and working faultlessly.
The usual considerations (preflight checks, range checks, battery duration & general safety) are not given a thought. Just switch on and take off.
If you fly too close to yourself, there's no blood - just a reset model. If you get it badly wrong, you won't be going home with an expensive pile of bits.
If you wreck someone else's model (multiplayer), you won't lose any teeth.

There's a difference between casually guiding pixels around a photo sky - and seeing those pixels interact with their environment, on a believable level.

I've spent many relaxed hours, flying the Parkzone Spitfire MkIX in Phoenix R/C - but flying my real one, still scares the cr*p out of me - lol.
(You don't get the free adrenaline included, with a simulated model).

There's so many more things to concentrate on, with the real model:- gradual throttle-up & a touch of elevator, to avoid nose-overs.. rudder corrections on takeoff.. a timer for the battery..
a healthy respect for the sharp whirly bit at the front!.. awareness of wind direction (and everyone around me).. annoyingly intermittent retracts.. no brakes.
I'm more nervous about real aerobatics, so fly higher in case of mistakes, which means I can't see the aircraft as clearly.
Gravity, drag, friction etc, all work superbly in real life - waiting to turn my warbird into a smoking wreck, if my brain burps.

The first time I used v5, it seemed the physics were more realistic - I experienced tip-stall, nose-over, torque steer.. things which I'd never seen in V4.
However, I haven't been able to replicate that behaviour on subsequent flights (despite trying to deliberately provoke them) - leading me to think I might've imagined the improvements.

If virtual models are capable of crashing for the same reasons as their real-life counterparts, that's going to be more educational.
As an infrequent UK flier, I spend far more time on the sim, than at the field, so I sometimes need the odd reminder about the sciencey stuff, which keeps models airborne.

Putting 5 in a jar, for every virtual crash, might be a good reminder to apply the same discipline as you would for a real model.
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