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Originally Posted by Wrongway-Feldman View Post
I've tried this simple mount.
It works very well but I've never used it on more than 400 watts.
You could also make your own with a simple ball joint and some thin ply mounted to a standard motor mount. Add two servos mixed to elevator and rudder and Bob's your uncle.
There's a bit of a ooh aah when you use TV but I prefer traditional controls.
Nice one - but that's really same as my own DIY description .. single axis with rod axle etc.

I thought about conversion of a TV nozzle from EDF ... but they do not take any motor torque / real thrust on the swivel mounts - they are just basically a tube that swivels.

There's the vanes as Hawk has shown .. and others I know of ... but that means extra details extending back from the model / prop.
I think I'd prefer to have motor mount move so I keep minimum outside airframe / prop ...

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