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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
I take your point Nigel but trimming doesnt have to be done by going straight to warp speed. You could fly on half power, make any course adjustment that is necassary, then prograssivly build up the power making any further minor tweaks as and when.

Yes it could take a few flights to get it nailed but compared to the hassle of adustable mounts I know which I'd prefer. I guess a compromise might be to make a mount that is adjustable by screws, that would mean adjustments would take seconds.
I wssn't planning on going deeper into the high power stuff but as an example ... the 1.2kw parkjet has a runtime of barely over a minute .. 2 mins if I'm careful. Agreed I can slow her right down to normal PKJ speed and maybe get 3mins ... but in reality there are only two areas of interest - that's launch and WAY HEY WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT !!

In a more normal set-up I agree ... you'd build up adjustments as necessary etc.

I think the pitch concept could be more interesting than the yaw aspect personally and given good control that can be switched on / off - put to good use.

Many of the Youtube videos that mention TV on the model do not really show any real benefit or antics as a result of it .. pity as it can really make a difference when set-up correctly.

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