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Originally Posted by miernik View Post
So let me understand this correctly - the cell temperature was lower after 6 minutes of 30Amp (how many C was that?) then before? Well, sitting in the sun, they might have had 40 degC or something. So in the plane there was share and they cooled down?
That is correct, after flights of my several models running A123 cells at an average of 25 or 30 Amps (about 15C) per cell or so in 70 degree weather, these cells actually cooled down by several degrees F after sitting in the hot sun.

Of course, keep in mind that the model had a 70 MPH blast of outside air blowing into the front of the model. But, one of the same models was previously equipped with twenty two 2400 Mah Nicad cells, with the same motor system.

Those Nicad cells got so hot that I had to use a blower to cool them down after a flight. Temperatures consistantly got over 140F during flight on those Nicads. (Sanyo SCR2400's) The current pulled out of those Nicads was on the order of 30 Amps, or about 12C.
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