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Originally Posted by Howard Matos View Post
This is not the default method that PL8 discharges, nor is it recommended. PL8 does not do balanced discharge by default. First, it does not give you an indication of the actual capacity of the pack. Actual capacity is based on the weakest cell in the pack. When you balance discharge, you are allowing the strongest cell in the pack to give you the measure of capacity.
I understand all this, however this is for testing individual cells (for better statistical value) and not the pack as a whole. I only want to use the balancing to avoid buying 8 chargers which would be too expensive.

I want to have 8 different readings of capacity at the end of each cycle, not just 1.

This is not about testing the pack, its about testing lots of individual cells, but cycling them 10000 times at 4C and measuring after how many cycles each cell died, and making statistical analysis on that.

So I need to have each cell discharged to exactly the same voltage to have useful data. I am looking forward for the new firmware, without it the charger is not capable of making the cycling test I need.

One more thing: does the charger log all the charging history internally (I want to have all possible information that the charger can displayed logged) or do I need to have a computer hooked-up all the time to log the data, otherwise it's gone?
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