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Default Cut It Out! Blades, Blades, Blades

If there's one tool modelers use most, I'd say it would be cutting blades. Specifically, # 11 blades and razor blades. OK, combine that with the fact that everyone likes to SAVE MONEY, and we have this;
Hobbico (Tower) Single edge razor blades, 100 for $ 8.99
And This;
Pro Edge # 11 Blades, 100 for $20.69, that's right, move the decimal point, 20.69 measley cents each. These are very sharp, but won't hold their edge as long as stainless steel;
Excel # 11 100 Stainless Steel blades, $ 21.97
Or 150 stainless steel scalpel blades, $ 29.97
While you're on the Widget Supply site, check out the "Files", there's 12 sets of needle files, from $ 2.97 to $15.97, mini, standard, plastic handles, wood handles, curved (angled or "riffler") styles.
Electrical, Hex, Knives, Magnifers, Measurement, Power, Screwdrivers,, Vises, Tweezers (including plastic tweezers, no magnetizing!), Clamps, etc.
Under "Jewelers Tools" you'll find Pin Vises, Scales, Wire Tools, Loupes and fine-tooth saws.
Save money, have fun!

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