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Originally Posted by dasintex View Post
... if SBEC ...
Four anything above 3-4s use a (controller with a) switching SBEC, not a linear LBEC.

The higher the power-pack voltage, the fewer servos a non-switching = linear LBEC can handle. Switching SBEC's hardly have this restriction.
(UBEC is a propriatery brand name, a generic informationless acronym, I prefer LBEC, linear, and SBEC, switching, those two acronyms contain more info.)

An LBEC, if it could handle the voltage at all, would have to dissipate way too much power (P = ((Vbatt -Vservos) Iservos)) and would get very hot and/or shut down, temporarily. It will work fine again after the crash since it has had plenty of time to cool down.

The higher the battery voltage, the hotter a linear BEC will get, for a given current/load/servos.
Or, in other words ...
The higher the battery voltage, the lower the current a linear BEC can supply.

In depth:

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