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The need to remove the red wire connection on one ESC depends on the type of the battery eliminator circuit (BEC) in the ESC.
If is is a linear BEC (it simply maintains a constant voltage by 'loosing' the excess power in the form of heat) then it is safe for both BECs to feed power. In fact the one that has the fractionally higher output voltage will do most of the work.
On the other hand a switching BEC chops the power on and off rapidly to give the effect of a constant voltage. It is much more efficient done like this so there is very little heat generated but it must "stand alone". The pulses of another switching BEC are likely to confuse the voltage sensing so it will not maintain a proper constant voltage which could prove expensive.
Most modern and powerful ESC (above 30A) will use a switching BEC.
Of course some ESC do not have a BEC circuit at all in which case a stand alone UBEC unit is used.

As an example here is 4 x 20A ESCs (no BEC) with a 5A UBEC providing the 5V supply in this case to a servo tester to test the four motors.
Click image for larger version

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So small and light it will all be buried inside the wing.
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