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Originally Posted by dasintex View Post
New to Electric Flight ...
I would start with a dedicated single-motor beginnersplane. Otherwise you are in for a very steep, expensive, frustrating and risky learning curve.
Do you have RC flying experience? What with?

Originally Posted by dasintex View Post
... Kv= 840 to 1000rpm/volt motors ...
Two very different motors, even though dimensions and power rating are the same. Batterycurrent drawn is proportional to Kv cubed. Both current and power drawn would differ by factor (1000/840)=1.7!

Originally Posted by dasintex View Post
... Would 3S work vs 4S ...
Choice of voltage does not matter much from an electric point of view.
E.g. 3s and Kv=1000rpm/volt and 6s and Kv=500rpm/volt will give same rpm, performance, power and flight time.
More in

However, for a given powersystem (i.e. Kv, pitch & diameter) batterycurrent is proportional to voltage squared, differ by factor (4/3)= 1.8!
Increase in current with one or two cells added, simple table

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