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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
I have the A3 Super II .... which many people still prefer. But lets just talk Super whatever version.

Is it worth having the programming box ? YES. And you only need buy one box to do all your Super's. But one full set and then just Gyros as next ..

Why ? In the field - its fly .. land ... connect adjust ... set and fly ... so easy.

In fact I have a few models where its not easy to get cable plugged in - so I have cable permanently plugged in and coil it inside the model - so if needed I can connect.

I only use the PC at home when initially setting up if that.

BUT if you go to Banggood - there are Detrium and so on Gyros that do dual aileron at a lot less cost if you don't need programming.
I use gyros on the rudder of some of the planes that are tricky on take off (ex Spitfire ) . I also use Gyros on all axis in several sport and fun fly planes .
I have used Eagle Tree Guardian , Hobby Eagle A3L, Hitec, Blue light BL-3G . Most complex is the Bluelight but it has the most features however only 3 axis and more expensive than the Hobby Eagle Super 3 . BTW I dislike the blinking light method for gyro setup .

I am looking for cheap one for the ValueHobby Slick 540 Foamy for mainly park flying at local park . You mention Detrum, have you used it ? .It has similar features to the NX-3 but with 6 axis vs 3 axis. I probably dont need 6 axis for this foamy.
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