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Originally Posted by quorneng View Post
I do sometimes wonder if the problem is education or just 'society'.
Where I fly has a rather remote gravel public car park accessed down a rough gravel track.
The area is far from deprived with a highly rated grammar school.
After a flying session I noted a shiny object lying in the grass at the side of the car park. My curiosity got the better of me.
Attachment 186684
A CO2 bottle?
A bit of poking about and I found quite a number more some of which where part buried in the car park gravel.
Attachment 186685
Why so many?
A bit of research showed they are likely not for CO2 but N2O (laughing gas) which is apparently used by the younger generation to get a 'high' although it is illegal in the UK to use it.
The bottles are used in 'home' whipped cream makers!
Can we really blame the education system for things like this?
I'm not so sure the conclusion you've made is all that conclusive.....those Co2 cartridges are also used in many "air" rifles, pistols and "paint ball" and "air-soft" gun applications..........since the UK banned "firearms" from being owned by the general public (with few exceptions for hunting), it has been very popular (not only in your country) for those who indulge in "shooting" sports, to own "gas operated .17/.22 caliber guns.......paint ball/air-soft guns also apply.......it's been one way to skirt the "firearms" stipulations and still plink or hunt varmints.......I own three .22caliber nitro break barrel rifles that operate on the same principal as "cartridge" air rifles.......very quiet and effective at short range for varmint hunting.....!

Sorry Mark for getting off topic here......your investment to the education of our youth is to be commended.....!
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