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If you think its USA ... think again. Its a disease affecting most 'developed countries' where the do-gooders have destroyed any competition in schools. No longer are Teachers allowed to identify those that will, those that can and those who never will.

I'm 62yrs old and I regard myself as lucky that I received education in UK, it was still the 3 R's ... Reading wRiting aRithmetic ... it was still graded and your next years class was decided on it ... we still had Grammar School levels ...

I read that UK is looking into bringing back Grammar Schools - and guess what - the PC / Do-Gooder brigades are up in arms about it ...

Close school friend of mine was always regarded as less able to maintain the class level ... we were in top Grammar Level at school ... he had to really work hard at it. Everyone reckoned he would not make much after school. Well - he made his first million by time he was 25 ... had already moved into his million pound home next to the Golf Course. Few years back when his wife came back from holiday with her friends ... a brand new Porsche was waiting outside the house tied with a ribbon !

Given todays education syllabus and teaching - I wonder what he would have become ?

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