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Default Wattflyer Buyers Club #10 2 Dog Yak 54 Inquiry thread

As the title says, got good news from Mark at 2 Dog for a WBC deal, so this is the thread to see who is interested;

The deal is for either the powered, or non powered version of the Indestructably EPP foam Yak 45 made by Tech One.

Read my rewiew at: http://www.wattflyer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=770877

The deal has 2 pricing breaks. 10 OR 20 unit minimum. 10 unit pricing goes all the way to 19 units beforewe get the 20 unit break

Units can have electronics OR NOT. You can Choose to use the combo as reviewed or just get the airframe.

10 Planes:
$65/plane and add $67/Combo
20 Planes
$59/plane and add $59/Combo

Combo includes: Dualsky 1300 3S LiPo, Dualsky 18 amp ESC, Dualsky XM2830 CA10 Motor, Prop Hub & APC Prop.

If we just want 10 planes, then the plane price is good. If we want 20 planes and 10 electronics setups, we can mix as well. This is for the same setup as I reviewed, plane, motor, ESC, battery, Propeller.

Typical WBC deal. You pay via PayPal for the plane/combo only, until they arrive. Then you make 2nd payment for shipping only.

That is the cost from 2 Dog RC, DIRECT FOR WBC ONLY with NO MARKUP!

10 participants, we pay $$65 for a $79 plane, @20, ONLY $59 !!

That is a good deal for a fantastic airplane!


Please, as usual, only post if you are in on the deal.. please no "I wish" posts.

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