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Originally Posted by aeronca52 View Post
Hi guys,
I'm looking for either the kit or plans of the Jetco Dragonfly.

It is a profile all sheet balsa bi-plane free flight for 1/2 or smaller engines, with a 24 inch wingspan.
Any help is appreciated.

Maybe MJD at RC Universe can help you out, Jim, I see that you have been hunting down the Dragonfly for quite some time The wing span is 19 1/2" and the length is 13 1/2" with that info and the pics, you may be able to build one with the TLAR Method, That looks about right


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Gotta like Bipes. Currently only have 3 in the stable in the posted size limit, a Flyzone Albatross, good flyer in winds under about 6 mph, an old Jetco Yellowjacket FF overpowered with a Cox .010, even though the plans show an infant .020.

With a little luck, the photo of the Yellowjacket along side a micro RC P-51 for size comparison should come out. Interesting that the little Cox .010 turns the plane into a power drill bit.

Is there a Yellowjacket and a Dragonfly? These look alike. I have this little gem tucked away downstairs. The kit is complete, with the decals, and the wing stock is clever - one lower and one upper wing per sheet so the two are the same length and the kit is as short as possible. The trailing edge taper is precut into the wing blanks too. I cut a couple of copies by hand, but I don't like the wood so I should make a couple more out of better stock. It would be great fun to slap one together with a Pee Wee for spring. Or maybe an .010 with a 20 second tank. Hmm.
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