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Originally Posted by kyleservicetech View Post
A club member is picking up an electric jet in the near future. The jet is a Gulfstream 500 model jet with about 6 foot wingspan with a projected weight of 15-16 pounds. (The club member is well versed in heavy models, and is qualified to fly wet turbine models. This will be his first $$$$ heavy electric model.)

He's looking for decent quality ducted fan motors, and ducted fan units to put into this model. I've recommended the Scorpion line of motors. The club member indicated the ducted fan will be on the order of 90mm or so.

The previous owner of the model indicates the motors for the model should be around 1500 KV, be rated for a 6S LiPo, and should pull about 100 Amps each, for about 2000 Watts each.

General comments everyone for the Scorpion line of motors? Or other brands of motors? (No cheap stuff though ) And Decent quality LiPo 6S1P batteries of about 6000 Mah?

Check out Ductedfans.com they have some of the best CF EDF on the market. Give them a call, they can point you in the right direction on what you need.

I like this 90mm CF EDF, 13 Lbs of thrust as per MFG.
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