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Originally Posted by NJSwede View Post
Mmm... Me being a Swede, you know how bad I want that JAS-39 Gripen.
I'd be interested in knowing how the RC version of it flies, since the full size is inherently unstable and 100% fly-by-wire.
I have one. Its not my favorite, but it is interesting. It fly's "High Alpha" quite impressively. Agreed, mine is factory stock and lacking in the power department, with the small battery compartment its not real condusive to dropping in a larger pack for more than a 3 minute flight either.

Here is a review on the version I have:

The Gripen is a looker, gets attention, but fly's marginally with the factory power. It does not impress, but it does fly nicely.

Outfit it with a better power set, improve the battery size, and you'd have a much more fun plane IMO.
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