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When I started in model airplanes, every thing was balsa & tissue, when you had a crash, you needed a shopping bag to pick up the 100-200+ pieces that were blown all over the place. I had a control line combat plane, built super light, it hit the ground so hard, the cloud of pieces was 8' diameter. all that was left after the wind blew the dust away was the motor, bellcrank & wires, and some of the larger pieces of balsa. a lot of the plane simply drifted away.

Today with foam planes, from kits or ARFs they just don't break up like that. These planes are so easy to repair it is amazing, I have blown my 3D foam trainer into 30-40 pieces about 5 times, and had it ready to fly again the next day. I can't even count the times I have done minor damage, and fixed it at the field, and kept flying.

Beginners will crash just like Chellie says, it is simply part of learning, like falling down when kids are learning to walk, or falling down learning to ride a bike. If they think they are so gifted that they won't crash, they are only fooling themselves.

If you can't stand the crash, get off the runway.
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