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I have a HZ Champ that I have flown about 20 times now. That is after I tried my bigger Cub with no success! Last week I did my 1st loops and this morning, very early - calm wind, I did my 1st rolling takeoff. Did 3 of them in fact. Hand launches are much easier. Why? Is it because the a/c is already flying when it leaves your hand? That is what I presume. I also did my 1st few landings on a hard surface. I did maybe 5 landings and only 1 was a nose over. Got the flair finally, I had been pulling back a bit too much and stalling with a 3 point thump ... but UPRIGHT and on the wheels. The last few were rolling out and taxiing back to me. BTW, that tail wheel steering is touchy! I suppose I'll have to relearn the landing again because I'll have forgotten what I did right! I was doing them on the full rate on the controls. Trying to prepare myself for the bigger Cub. Now the breeze is up a bit so I can't go back out.
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