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Eric Matyas
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Hi Everyone,

To streamline my site a bit, I’ve eliminated the gigantic text block under the header image that showed all the pages on the site. Instead, links to all the pages on the site are on the right side of every page, listed under MUSIC, SOUND FX and IMAGES… (scroll down.) Simply click on the name of any page to navigate to that page. Then scroll down. The links appear at the right side of every page so that you can quickly navigate from any page to any other page on the site.

That said, I have some new free music tracks ready for everyone:

"Cumulonimbus" (created especially for drone videos)
on my Nature/Science 3 page:

"Far Away Puzzle Places"
on my Puzzle Music 3 page:

and "Alley Chase"
on my Sci-Fi 7 page

Enjoy and have a good weekend!
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