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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
Being in a poorly services model area .... often I find I need a part but have to wait the post or slow-boat.

One of those recently - the stabiliser fins on tail boom. The horizontal fin had lost one side after a blade strike.
So using the remaining half - I drew up a full replacement and traced onto the clear disc that comes with CD packs. Cut out and fitted. Perfect temp replacement.

I must admit I do have a laser cutter which makes these jobs easy !

I should hope something as simple and inexpensive as a tail rotor fin could be replicated on 3D laser machine like yours.......and even be considered a permanent replacement. Heck, you should be able to duplicate most of the parts like horiz. stab boom fins, landing skids, battery mounting plates and anti rotation brackets.
Given time, practice, refinement and the proper materials, it would be great to hear that you've got main gear, auto rotation gear and belt drive gears down pat as well......maybe even frame and chassis plates...

Now that would be worth the price and time for a 3d laser printer.
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