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Rather than keep getting frustrated, check out your other options out there...

You do want to find the model that flys for you, then you progress big time and takes away loads of frustration, my Honey Bees realize some have luck with them were simply a no go for me, went the amazing Hirobo Quark route, is a huge difference in models out there and this one is at the top of the chart for a flying mini fixed pitch, its amazing flyer and very reason I made it this far to the CP helis, again several again did not work and found the Pro 2, I wouldn't quite suggest this one for everyone as likely the Blade 400 is abit more stable, I will verify soon as have the 400 coming...

I'm actually flying the Quark around, tho will pop a blade now and then and at $2 replacement, very easy fix and low parts cost indeed, its built like a battle ship, very thing I needed..again its off the charts, $350, but worth it for success..<>..

Go easy, Takes some effort to harness a CP, mine is hovering well, and now pushing it forward and snappy altitudes as enjoying the faster responses, far from flying it around, taking my time enjoying every flight, also playing with breezes for more it..<>.

So it can be a bumpy road, read the threads and with luck you will find the models for favorites todate

Eflite Coaxials, MCX, CX, most any of the Coaxial Lamas all nice...
Hirobo SRB Quark, where were you, pricy but made it for me, superb nice to know they can make a model for the rest of us...
Eflite Pro 2, this ones a hanful but hovering and now starting to move it slightly, great
Blade 400, on the way, here we go...

BEST ..<>..
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