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Default E-flite Blade CX

The blade comes well packaged to ensure safe arrival. While the delivery service went to great lengths to abuse my package, the contents arrived unscathed.
Everything is included in the box to get the blade in the air. There is nothing to do initially with the exception of charging the battery since everything is already assembled. While the 2 cell 800 pack charged using the included balancing charger I sat down with the instructions and looked over the rest of the components. The manual is very well done. This is not my first coaxial heli, but it is the first one with this level of detail in the manual. The manual details flight instruction, discusses setup techniques and provides quite a bit of information if you should need to balance the blades on your Blade after a mishap or two. In addition to the manual is a CD-ROM disk. The ~10 minute video provides basic flight instruction and is a great companion to the written manual.
An updated 4 in 1 control unit is present in the front end of the heli. I am told it has an improved gyro and tail control to provide better tail response and alleviate any drifting. To control the movements, two S60 super sub-micro servos are installed. These offer perfect speed and torque for this application.

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__________________________________________________ _____________

The LP5DSM radio is a 5 channel proportional transmitter. It offers all of the stability and performance of the new 2.4 ghz Spectrum technology. There are no fears of being shot down due to someone being on your frequency with Spectrum and you could have 40 Blades flying at any one time without interference. The days of frequency control are slowly coming to a head.
The LP5DSM runs off of 4 AA batteries that are also included. You most likely saying to yourself the same thing I did...wow..only four AA's?! E-flite details in the manual that the Spectrum 2.4Ghz Technology does not require the same voltage and current consumption as a typical 72 mhz transmitter. With well over 30 flights, the transmitter batteries are still going strong.
On the front panel of the transmitter is a door that conceals dip switches. These switches are set at the factory and should not need to be changed. Should you need to reverse a control function however, this is the place to do it. The manual details the correct placement of the switches should one ever need to reference their original state.

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__________________________________________________ ____________

The 2 cell 800 mah E-flite lithium pack is charged with the balancing charger. The Charger is setup to use 12 volts via the two alligator clips (i.e. field battery), or you can use the AC wall charger for power. This particular charger works in a range of 11.5- 15 volts DC with an output of .65 amps. This is just under 1C on the 800 mah lithium provided and will take just over an hour to complete a charge depending on the packs charge state.
The Charger can accept either a two cell (7.4 volt) or 3 cell (11.1 volt) battery with the correct balancing taps on them. Once connected to a power source, the red light blinks to indicated a power up and ready condition. By plugging in the balancing connector to the appropriate port, the power light goes solid and a green charging will illuminate as well. Once the charge is complete, the green light will go out and the red light will be solid. Charging couldn't be simpler. Even though charging is relatively safe, I still recommend staying in the general vicinity when a battery is connected. Better safe than sorry!

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__________________________________________________ ____________

I have flown the Blade CX2 countless times in my basement and find every flight to be just as enjoyable as the first. It is extremely stable and easily navigates tight areas such as doorways without fear of hitting either side.
I have been itching to fly the blade outdoors in unrestricted airspace however and finally had the opportunity while at the field one day. The wind was non existent and proved to be an opportune time, so I slide in the 800 mah battery, turned on the TX and powered up the Blade CX2. I have to say, that while it was fun flying it indoors, it was even more fun outdoors where the sky is the limit.
The Blade would accelerate skyward in an instant with full throttle and several times I had to blast upwards of 20 feet. No longer was I confined by the walls of my basement and I was free to roam anywhere I choose. The freedom combined with the inherent stability of the Blade CX2 left a smile on my face that was not easily removed. Certainly more fun that should be allowed!
I am getting about 10 minutes of flight off of the 800 mah battery. More than enough to fully enjoy the benefits of coaxial flight. When the battery nears the end it can be felt as the Blade will loose lift. This is a gradual drop in voltage though, so there is plenty of time to set it down.

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16mb | 6mb
__________________________________________________ ___________

I am continuing to have an amazing time with my Blade CX2. The great looks and ease of flight make it a joy around my house. It is especially relaxing on those rainy days to get a flight in around the house to curve the withdrawals of not being able to go outside.
E-flite has done an outstanding job in further improving what was already a great product in the Blade CX. The beautiful new body style and the addition of amazing Spectrum Technology, make this a must have. Is the Blade CX2 for beginners? You bet and I am living proof!

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Distributed exclusively by:
Horizon Hobby
4105 Fieldstone Rd.
Support Phone:
Sales Phone: (800)338-4639

Website: www.e-fliterc.com/

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