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The goal of this series of tests is to end up with a model that does ONLY what YOU tell it to do.

In other words, when you change throttle only the speed changes - no pitch up/down and no yaw and no roll.

When you tell it to roll the rolls are perfectly axial with no pitching or yawing or barrel rolls. When you yaw the model it doesn't roll or pitch, etc etc.

When you do a climb or dive it climbs or dives in a perfectly straight line with no need to correct with elevator, rudder, throttle or aileron.

Loops stay in the same plane with no tendency to roll out or yaw off line, etc.

Inverted flight is almost hands off.

In other words a model that is easy to fly perfect pattern/IMAC maneuvers.

Turns out that also makes for a model that is easier to fly well once you get beyond the basics in skill level.

Just dont go toooo far for your skill level with a rearward CG.
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