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Best electrical solution: battery packs in the nacelles or wings. Lowest resistance in battery and motor wires, lowest inductance in battery wires.
Second best: controllers in fuselage, near battery. Lowest battery wire inductance.

Too long wires batteryside will kill ESC over time: precautions, solutions & workarounds - RCG
  • Two problems
    ◦ Voltage spikes higher than battery voltage: transistor/FET/chip breakdown.
    ◦ Current through input capacitors too high: overheating/popping/exploding.
  • Example four costly controllers consecutively cremated
  • Solution I: simply lengthen the motor wires instead
  • Solution II: add extra capacitors, rules of thumb
    Calculation spreadsheet
  • Capacitor type and polarity/orientation!
  • How & where (not) to add extra capacitors.
    As close to or on controller.
  • DIY capacitor pack pictures
  • Capacitor & pack suppliers
  • Expert/manufacturer opinions & their rules of thumb
    They all say the same ... noise_reduction_101, switching_power_supply_design_101.
  • Cause, explanation, water hammer/knock analogy&video, theory
  • Measurements & scope traces
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