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My son flew the Nick Cara designed YF23 we built again today for the second time. A photo and video is atatched of the flight. We changed props from a 6x4 apc thin e prop to a 6x 5.5 and the plane performed much better at all throttle settings and penetrated the 10 + mph wind much better. Check out the VTOL helicopter landing at the end of the video. The roll rate and elevator performance is smooth and very responsive with this set up of 2 servos for ailerons and one for the single elevator.
Just got through with 4th flight of Nick Cara designed yf23. It flew great and required no trim what so ever. The launches are rock solid with no torque roll. It's roll rate is fantastic. and the single one piece elevator is very responsive. In this flight my son and I experimented with inverted flight. In my research before building this plane, I found out that the Scott Lott RC Powers YF23 did not fly well inverted according to the comments. Also, the FRC Foamies YF 23 did not fly well inverted according to the comments. I don't know about the 5EZP YF23's ability to fly inverted. When you roll inverted with the Nick Cara YF23 here is what happens: As soon as your inverted and apply down elevator to maintain level flight while inverted , the plane immediately rolls over and rights itself to straight and level flight. With my limited knowledge of aeronautics , I can only assume the vertical stabilizers positioned at 45 degrees act as dyhedral to keep the plane in level upright flight. Otherwise the Nick Cara YF23 performs loops, rolls , ect very well.
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