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Default Successful maiden !

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Here is a link to a photo I took of The Nick Cara designed YF 23 Prop in the slot Park Jet my son and I are finishing up. This is before the decals and pilot cockpit stickers were added. Unfortunately, the all up weight is 22 ounces ready to fly with battery. I'm glad we installed a motor which at least in theory has 32 ounces of thrust. I found the most difficult task on this build was to design, shape and fit the KFm4 airfoils which were not part of Mr. Cara's design. I got the idea for the KFm4 airfoils from the 5EZP YF 23 on this forum. The plane was easy to balance by just moving the battery around in the Electronics box beneath the plane. I forgot to mention we are using 3 , 9gram Miuzi servos and a Spektrum 4channel receiver. During my research before the build , I found out that most of the previous builders for this design had made the elevator one solid piece and used separate servos for each aileron because the usual elevon 4x4 set up with the ailerons didn't provide enough elevator function. We are going to program the ESC tomorrow (Our first time programming an ESC) and adjust the control servos and do a radio check. If all that goes well we will attempt a maiden flight.
My son and i test flew the YF23 today for the first time. The hand launch was rock solid with no torque roll what so ever ! The single elevator set up provided plenty of control and the same holds true for the separate ailerons (the roll rate was very good, but not as good as linking the ailerons and elevons 4x4). I'm reserving judgement on my home designed (not stock to the plan) KFm4 airfoils. To be honest, I was expecting the bird to penetrate the wind more than it did. Keep in mind that I shaped and sanded all the leading and trailing edges everywhere on the bird (including the prop slot). I was surprised the bird was so floaty. The landing was very cool . It was 15+ mph wind and my son flared a little to high and it just helicoptered in as gentle as can be. Yours truely forgot to bring his phone to film - I will fly more and take some video. The Sunsky 2212 - 2450 kv motor was a disapointment with respect to performance. Banggood claims 30+ ounces of thrust. With a 60 amp esc and a luminiare 2250 3 cell , i say more like a Grayson MJV3 in my opinion +- 20 ounces . The Beatles ESC was a huge success. We easily programmed the throttle and are happy to report the battery , motor and ESC were not even warm after a 6 minute maiden flight.
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