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That yellow glider flew but it does not turn at all, even with that big rudder.

What I think was wrong:- I built this glider initially for the 2200 mah battery. Then I found out it was too heavy and wanted to use 1000 mah battery which was lighter. But I had to move the wings backwards to get the CG right. This reduced the distance between the rudder and the wings. Therefore, the rudder no longer has enough "leverage" to turn the wing and roll it too.

I even cut some of the dihedral part of the wings and made it poly-dihedral, to see if that works. But that did not work.

But, now, now I know the electrical setup that I'm going to use beforehand. So I am going to build another glider.
I am going to build this one more beautiful than any of the glider above and this will fly.

I cannot believe this. I used to build a lot of big chuck gliders when I was younger and I did not even have internet at that time. I built it all by myself and I always thought that it would be easy to build an rc plane if only I had what I have now, the electronics.

But I am going to try again. This time, a beautiful aerobatic glider with aileron and elevator control only.

I am so sorry to keep dragging this build log without an end to it. I am willing to quit posting if this violates the community policies of the forum in any way. But i won't quit building though

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