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Griff Murphey
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looked good needed a little down elevator trim, I think. I still have not flown mine, itís been too windy. This morning it was still but I have patients!

Couple of small notes, the lozenge fabric seems to be a rubbery sheet that has been laminated on, by vacuum or pressure. It should strengthen the wings. Because the wings are undercsmber as anyone who has tried to cover an undercamber stick and tissue knows, special care is needed. My D-7 has perfect coverage on the underside of the lower wing but there are a lot of bubbles in the covering onthe underside of the upper wing. Might be worth checking if a dealer had several in stock. Also I tried checking to see if the new transmitter would talk to the old series of Tower WW-1s and the answer is no. I have not weighed mine but it seems extraordinarily light.
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