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Originally Posted by Paco17 View Post
Thank you for your usefull advices guys .In a few days i will purchase a flight simulator and i will start flying .And 1 more think .What do you think of the SBD dauntless from freewing ? Is it good for a second plane ? I saw some videos on YouTube and this beautifull bird flyes very Well. What do you think about it ? Thank you again for all.

Dahawk gave out some great advise. The T28 was my second plane, and I am completely happy that I chose it. Easy to fly, very forgiving, quite capable, and easy to upgrade when you are ready.
I have no experience with the Dauntless, but I do know that you are adding allot of moving parts to the mix with that plane. Not only will there be more to flying it, but more to repair when you crash. And you will. We all do.
My opinion would be that ailerons would be enough to add to the mix, and with the T28 you are adding quite a bit of speed and maneuverabilty as is. Also the T28 is very easy to repair, parts are everywhere, and it loves glue
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