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In my humble opinion, my favorite plane for cutting up the sky and trying new types of flying is an EPP 3D stunt plane. They bounce very well and take a lot of abuse, you can fix EPP with regular CA glue, you don't need the expensive foam type. Most damages can be fixed at the field, new prop and you are ready to go.

My favorite plane of this type is the Hobbyking Reaktor

I fly mine with a Hobbyking NTM motor, I know it is a much bigger motor than it calls for, but I didn't like the low power of that one.

With this motor, I move the tail servos back to the rear of the fuse, for balance.

I use this battery

4 decent 9 gram servos and a speed control, and you are good for a lot of fun. I don't bother with the landing gear, I fly outside and those wheels won't roll in grass.

Even my best friend who is a VERY good 3D flyer likes this plane, and flys it every time he can.

On high rates the roll rate is CRAZY! , yet reduce the travels and it flys very tame.

When you get were you can fly this plane comfortably without crashing for 20+ flights, then you are ready to advance. It is very tempting to get a slick new plane, right after something like your cub, I understand, I re-kited several planes learning that myself. but they fly totally different than the cub, and you might not be ready for that. The Reaktor simply goes where you point it, and will teach you how to fly with a lower chance of destruction.

I want the B-17 myself, but I am holding off until I get my flying mojo back.
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