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Hi guys, i finally decided to become a member of the best hobby in the world .Since i was a little kid i loved airplanes and 1 month ago i bought a 50cm wingspan WL toys 3Ch RC Cessna made in EPO .I started teaching myself flying watching videos on YouTube and reading articles on internet.I started handlaunching the plane , doing little landings and 3 days ago i finally took off and flew in the big sky. My dream si to fly the mighty 1875mm B17 that i found on hobbyking It has a big wingspan and in my oppinion you need a lot of experience and skills to fly it .Guys you have a lot of experience so please can you give me some advices and tips ? Is my training a good ? Where i live i can't go at a flying field because it's too far away and the selfteaching is the only option .So If you know some training exercices please can you sher them to me ? At the moment I'm working on the finall aproach and landing. And my last question si how many experience am i going to need to fly the B17 . Thank you for all .


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