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Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
But what we're saying is, as soon as you're ready for your second plane, you save money by getting a radio and going with ARF kits. When you go with the RTF stuff, you are paying extra for the radio, and usually it's crap.
If i was to buy another radio, it would be for at least the fourth plane but that won't be for a long time.

I am looking for opinions on things more in the aerobird or wing dragion level. (though definately not limited to those aircraft)

Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey View Post
I have found, in this hobby, the less money you think you're spending, the more you end up wasting.

spend your money on the things you'll be keeping.

but, it's your money.

You asked for advice, we're giving it.
The thing is, you suggested the t-t28 because you said it was a good plane.

So, I changed my list and asked for one as a present.

Then you told me that it would make a good third plane.

So I am now looking to get a cheap mid level trainer as my second plane for the transition because it is too late to change what I am asking for again.

I need a trainer plane, not a radio. The radio that comes with the trojan will be fine for an entry-level arf plane i'm sure.

I have to thank you guys though. I started this thread looking for something to screw around with once in a while.... I ended up entering the sport of rc flying. (and with a trainer) Maybe I shouldn't... I will soon have triple the value that I wanted to spend origionally haha.
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