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I've just been catching up on this thread. Quite a saga so far!

Monkey's right. A good radio is a great investment.

I've got a JR computer radio that I absolutely love. Only problem is that it is a positive shift radio, whereas Parkzone 72 MHz radios are negative shift. What that means is that my RTF Stryker C (my second airplane after the Super Cub, BTW) came with its own radio, and I cannot use my JR radio to fly it. No biggie, but if you get a Futaba or Airtronics (both negative shift), then you can use it to fly the T-28 with the Prkzone RTF receiver.

Or you get the PNP version of the T-28, spend an extra $30 on an Rx and you are good to go with whatever radio you find.

Look to eBay for a radio. The one I got was from someone who was selling the Tx separately from the Rx and servos that were packaged together. I got a brand new $350 radio for $130. It is synthsized frequency, meaning you can tune it to whatever frequency you need to match the Rx. No crystals for the Tx. Very cool!
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