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Simulator is a must before you fly. I have crashed millions of dollars worth of planes on my pc screen. Might I suggest a Zagi? Easy to build. 45-50 mph with 400 can motor. Later upgrade to brushless. It was my second plane after a Tutor Trainer from Great Planes. I have planted the Zagi in at near full throttle and went over there and picked it up. Gave it a quick inspection and powered it on and launched it right back into it's next ill-fated plundering. The plastic battery tray is all you will ever replace besides new tape. When it gets so beat up that it flutters at full throttle. Peel the covering tape off and re-cover it. New color makeover. Look into it. They are fun and later you can get a Stryker. Flies the same. I flew my current brushless Zagi full throttle into a crab apple tree. Like 70 mph. The prop broke off. Put a new one on and flew it again.
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