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Default MonoProp EasyVTOL Prototype

I have started this EasyVTOL project about one year ago to harness the lift from high attack angle wings, on an easy to control VTOL setup. The project started as EDF and I have put the link to that thread, showing the last successful videos of the EDF unit (https://www.wattflyer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79779). Even though I was able to extend the flight time significantly via transitioning to horizontal flight, EDFs are by definition inefficient compared to props and the best flight time that I will get will be around 8 minutes. This is pretty good for EDFs but I wanted to create unit that lasts longer in the air so I can do longer FPV runs.

Loving how the EDF unit flies, I revised my plans to utilize a large prop in place of the EDF, using the same principles of the EDF unit. Still working progress, but after many failures I was able get a proper stabilized and controllable hover. This last hover test is about 1.1 minute and used approximately 330mah of my 2600mah capacity on board, which gives it a theoretical hover time of +8 minutes, which is pleasantly surprising (almost double the EDF hover time).

I believe I can get the unit a little lighter and improve the air flow to push it a little further, not to mention the newer and higher capacity (and same weight) battery that I will get for it. I believe I will be pushing 10 minutes hover time, which will be quite awesome. With 10 minutes hover time I can probably get +15 minutes horizontal flight.

Now the challenge is to get it to fly horizontally. The unit drops the head too fast, risking to stall. But Havenít really pushed it to see what it can do. That will be coming soon😊

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