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Fabulous ..... 3 batterys with really good water and air performance ......

The one factor that is really in need of sorting - the colour scheme. At distance - there is difficulty distinguishing those washed out colours to orientate. Close in is fine but as soon as you go for those 'Jet Fighter' sweeping moves - you need keep careful check on which way up etc. !!

I am seriously thinking to get out the gloss paint pots and brighten up the TOP scheme - make it more visible...... The same scheme will work but the paint needs to be bolder.

The FG tape hinges are actually not showing any signs of lifting .... I think possibly the overall spray of varnish has given the tape a surface to stick to more effectively.

Today I tried Zippy Compact 2200 3S (lighter) ...... good but flight time was just over 5 mins and battery came out at 3.85V average cell ..... OK its a tired battery but shows its good enough.

then back to my old tired Blue TGY LiPo's !!

and another ...

To those who claim this model is questionable (on another forum of course full of self appointed experts !) on water with stock fences etc - I think the above videos prove the model is fine on water .... in fact I say it is on par with Polaris ................. which I have extensive experience of.

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