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Originally Posted by quorneng View Post
That is a truly remarkable achievement but with all that 'stuff' just stuck on top of the wing its aerodynamics are hardly at the same level of sophistication as the electronics.
Thanks! I kind of understand your concern but don't totally agree with you. I think you should click on the link and see the latest V2 design.
Obviously the aerodynamics will not be as sophisticated as a factory made foamy (not comparing to 3d prints because weight makes that impossible for my setup, have tried it). However, most of the aerodynamical requirements have been met. 1- You need a very slim wing design with a sharp attack edge for EDF models, as you need the speed for better efficiency. This design, although very simple, provides that. 5mm foamboard with very light 3d printed attack edge did the job, 2- All electronics except the GPS is pretty much lined up for a small area of resistance against the airflow. In some of the previous models I split them into two on two sides to keep the EDF intake open for fresh air, but this design didn't need that. So the drag from all those electronics is as small as it can get. 3- Even though all of those electronics are pretty small the weight adds up. And, that's why it took me many times to get it right with all the bells and whistles, to find the right balance between the strength and weight, foam and 3d print.
Thanks for the feedback.
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