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Is the antenna the same as you had it before, or did you change something about it? It looks to be ok in the picture.. Or is it looped back over itself anywhere? When you had your last mishap did it get pulled on, maybe check your reciever and make sure the contact is good. I would guess it is definately a signal problem. Did you route it any closer to the motor or battery? Does your battery have a good charge on it? I hope it's something easy to find.. I see you like music. I play guitar. I have a fender Stratocaster and a yamaha acoustic. I love my Strat
Once you get used to it a little more, you will have fun doing "skid and goes" With some practice, you can be moving pretty fast in any direction and do a sliding landing. As soon as it is going to hit, throttle back up some and it will just slide a little and take off again. It has to be on a hard floor though. Carpet will catch and hurt your heli, same with grass. I fly off of pavement outside, because grass will catch a small heli, tip it over and break your blades and/or bend the flybar up..
Happy hovering guys!
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