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Default Finally finished the Maxford Jenny.

Yes it is done and it looks very good for an ARF. Getting this plane from the box to ready to fly has been a nightmare! The misfitting parts aside, the major headache centered on the fact that Maxford changed the design of the wing and provided no paperwork to support the change. Maxford went from a solid tip to tip wing to a take apart wing, but every picture in the instruction showed the original Version 1 wing. There is a mention of a Version 2 wing but that's where it ended. I was left to figure out how to put it together. Here is where I take some blame, there were two approximately 6" rods that were to be used for plugging the upper and lower wings together. Unfortunately they were down at the bottom of the box and completely out of sight on my kit. There was no mention of these rods in the instructions and my wings sagged because they were missing in my build. Now I have designed and built enough model airplanes over the last 60 years that something in my head should have lit up that there were parts missing in the Version 2 design. I did send an email to Maxford and never did get a response from them. By the time I figured out what the problem was I had taken the action of gluing the top wing parts together into a single unit. This made it impossible to install the plugs. So, for the bottom wing I came up with a kludge that installed a wing to wing brace that I believe to be at least as strong as the original design. But there is nothing I can do for the upper wing at this point. So come Tuesday I will fly the plane for the first time, and fly it just like the trainer the U.S. used it for in the first World War. In short fly it scale. Oh well, we shall see what we shall see!
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