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Originally Posted by thepiper92 View Post
You don't need to map throttle to a pot. Throttle is channel 1, channel 6 is collective, but are controlled simultaneously by the left stick, unless in idle up where throttle is a constant. Everything is done through curves in that in a mix for throttle you assign it to a curve, and you assign channel 6 to a curve. TH is assigned to a curve and mixed (all curves are replace actually) to a -100 curve to channel 1. As for gyro, you best add a curve actually as the 250 uses very low gain and -100-0 is rate and 0-100 is HH. You won't need -100-100, or rate mode at all really, but you can set a curve from -30-30 and that will give you up to 30 in both modes, thus making the pot more precise.
I know that, but it gets a controlled start.

Throttle on a pot, you can go to zero pitch and gradually add throttle to check vibrations, before setting your curves.

In the end, my throttle is a curve based on flight mode, and my gyro is a set value... What that setting is I figure out from the dial on the pot. I don't really know the end values initially, so I found I can fly the heli quite well with throttle and gyro on a pot for the first flight.

The values are visible in er9x when you edit the mix.

Ch5 - pot1 - 78 translates to ch5 - max - 78.
Same for throttle if you find a head speed setting you like, stunt1 becomes 92,92,92,92,92 curve... But you will already know if this makes the ESC too hot.

Programming a 9x for a full 450 program takes like 6 curves. (Throttle and cyclic for three modes.)

For a quick first setup, throttle and gyro go to pots, and throttle (stick) maps to cyclic. Easy peasy.

Not wanting to confuse anyone about longer term fully programming their radio. My trick is more for the maiden.
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