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Originally Posted by Stevephoon View Post
There is a max current draw setting in the PL6. I'm not sure what the default is...

From their manual

Battery Max Amps Out: Set for maximum supply battery current draw. If the charge rate is set higher than the input current allows, the PowerLab 6 will draw no more than the level set here, which may limit output current to the pack. If Battery Max Amps Out is set too high, the battery’s output voltage may drop below the Battery Low Voltage Out setting and charging will stop and the input battery could be damaged from excessive current draw.

The manual can be found online here:

Hi mate,
Ive read the manual and seen this section, the default was set at 15 in the charger. Ive had it all the way down to 3 and still had the same issue. I think its going to be trial and error to find the right combination between amps in and amps out to get it to work?

Thanks for the reply.
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