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Yes any high wing bird is going to be more stable, Like the Hobbico NexStar, and weight helps as Tom said.
And it can be a 4 channel, and just lock the ailerons if you only want to used rudder/elevator.

And trike gear is easier to steer on the ground vs a tail dragger.
We had an ancient Hobbico HobbyStar that was set up both ways. Start em out on the trike then switched it to a tail dragger.
It was a great trainer. Could be set up for very docile characteristics, or set up to really rip around the sky.

Loved that bird. I ended up rebuilding it into an electric and donated it to a newbie here on Wattflyer.

And heck the GWS Slow Stick is about as easy as it gets to learn on. And they are easy fixes when something goes wrong, and they are CHEAP. Get em comfortable flying in low winds and then turn em loose in a breeze. They will learn real quick on how to handle the wind.

Heck anymore at our club we wait for windy days to fly em. It makes it a lot more fun.

Then turn em loose on a 4 channel.

And something to think of. Most three channel birds are controls on the right stick, which can throw off a newbie when they switch to a 4 channel and now have a left stick control too. Had my druthers I would have rather learned both sticks at the same time. I still find myself on occasion trying to steer a 4 channel bird on the ground with the right stick. Doesn't work so well.
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