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Originally Posted by hillbillynamedpossum View Post
How would I go about copy/pasting the box of stuff here:


And leave all the boxes filled in? I pretty much would like to do a screen shot(dont know how to do that neither) but without attaching a picture.
I think it would be real handy to have a worksheet posted like I did in this post:


But without all the formatting and stuff....Im pretty lazy

Another program I've used for years is "Printkey Pro". Its free for a month, then its $20. Its got a lot of features. Take a look:

It also works well with Windows 7, the operating system used on one of my PC's.

Out of curiosity, I just downloaded and tried "Screenhunter". IMHO, comparing the two, Screenhunter and Printkey Pro, Printkey has far more features. Printkey allows direct printing of anything on your PC screen, or any portion of it. Also allows saving it to a file and so on. The program also allows drawing on your screen capture, changing colors you name it.

But again, its $20.00.
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