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Default Electric Smoke Systems and how to ..

I have been experimenting with various smoke ignition and had little success.

This came about because supplier didn't provide 'end-caps' for the smoke bombs or the required 'fuse'. All I was supplied was bombs, detonator leads and twin trigger that runs of Rx.

Repeated attempts failed to get a bomb to ignite ... the cap would detonate but it was too short to cause solid fuel to burn.

I researched as much as possible and found out that the bombs should have an end cap to hold the detonator cap to the fuel and its best to have a small piece of conventional fuse in contact with the cap to increase the ignition time ...

Tests today confirmed this works excellently.

I am trying to 3D print the caps ... but so far - my 3D print skills are failing !! But I cut an old credit card to create a pad and with tape secured both cap and short bent fuse wire to the bombs open end ... touched caps leads to a small battery and BINGO ! Near instant smoke.

Once I have a better setup - I will try to video ...

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