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Originally Posted by Stay Quiet View Post
Wow, I'll have to let the WKA (World Karting Association) and SCCA know. They both require that you be a member before you can race at their events. Just think of the money I could have saved!

I've attached part of the SCCA guide for you, in case you don't believe me.

You and I are not going to see eye to eye on this. You're entitled to your opinion. Don't join the AMA. I really don't care. I am a member. I just don't see them as the Darth Vader of the hobby.
That's a distant reach to find a similarity in such dissimilar activities. I understand the point, but reject the idea that AMA is anything like those two professional racing organizations. They are more like the AOPA, which still doesn't restrict recreational flying to only AOPA members, or try to restrict any airports to AOPA members only.

My argument is that the AMA presents its monopoly as if it were a necessity: the only way RC flying would be possible. Coercion is never necessary to the business, just necessary to a mindset that thinks that forcing people to buy your product is the same as public demand.

At one time, we were all forced to buy ATT telephones designed in the 1930s and with no improvements made for 40 years: clicker dials, no push buttons, clumsy design, a couple hundred 1970 dollars to buy a phone, answering machines were illegal, no other companies could design and sell telephones. ATT had an iron monopoly of the phone business and used the same language the AMA uses. It had defenders, just like you, happy with the status quo and who didn't have a clue of the great things that would happen to the telephone industry when ATT was split up and anyone could make phones. Suddenly answering machines were legal and cheap! Long distance fell from dollars per minute to pennys, then to included in the basic phone rate! Phones that cost $200 for a 30 year old design were coming out for $15.00 and features Ma Bell would NEVER have implemented like number memory, call hold.....

This is what will happen in the RC hobby if we have the courage to do the right thing and tell AMA to take a walk. We can't possibly imagine the good things that will happen. But none of that can happen until we break the AMA stranglehold.

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